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W3 Design Agency, Kelvedon Essex

Moët Minis

Moet crackers christmas custom packaging

This quirky and inventive packaging design won a Moët Hennessy Worldwide Innovation award.

Created initially as a single pack in a branded tube and a four pack incorporating Impérial and Rosé variants, each 'cracker' contains a Moët mini bottle, a Christmas hat and a 'snapping' Moët fact.

Sales were exclusively through the Moët Hennessy Selection website, Selfridges and Ocado. The huge success meant that the activity was updated and repeated the following year, and despite the Continent not sharing the UKs tradition for Christmas Crackers, we were commissioned to create new versions for the Germany and Italian markets as well as the UK.

Moet christmas cracker designjpg
Moet mini design packaging
Moet4 Pack And Tube
Moet crackers christmas custom packaging