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W3 Design Agency, Kelvedon Essex

Lyle's Golden Syrup 125th Anniversary

Limited Edition tins

Packaging range design lyles
Lylesgolden syrup tin design artwork

This limited edition range of tins was designed and created to celebrate Lyle's Golden Syrup's 125th Anniversary - making it the World's Oldest Brand.

The heritage green and gold colouring was swapped, hero'ing the gold - and hand-drawn original lettering was replicated, hand-drawn again to respect the craftsmanship of the original tin design.

The range included a selection of messages to celebrate their milestone birthday and prompt the audience in alternative ways to use the product as part of their day to day lives.

Worlds oldest brand
Lyles golden syrup tin design 1
Tin design lettering lgs
Lyles golden syrup tin artwork and design 2
Lyles golden syrup custom font design 1
Custom lettering design packaging arwork 1
Syrup branding packaging design 1