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W3 Design Agency, Kelvedon Essex

Lighter Life Premises Identity Guidelines

Guidelines to creating a branded space for Counsellors to meet with their clients

Lighterlife premises guidelines design
Lighterlife brand guide design cover
Lighterlife brand guide spreaddesign

To apply brand values across their Counsellor premises, Lighter Life needed a guide to help their personnel furnish and decorate these environments. 

We created a concise and engaging guidebook featuring creative typography to communicate key words, and existing brand assets, as well as a number of 3D rendered images (via Cinema 4D) to flagship room designs.

Part of the challenge was to break down and identify the components required to tangibly create an on-brand furnished room. Once we had identified these, we developed a shopping list-style, easy to follow guide to ensure Counsellors can easily adhere to brand values as well as allow enough flexibility to apply individual creativity and make their spaces their own.

Lighterlife premises guide crop