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W3 Design Agency, Kelvedon Essex

Woolly Mammoth Stoves Animation

For exhibition and online use

3d animation woolly mammoth stoves

Woolly Mammoth wood burning stoves needed a way to bring their brand to life so they asked us. 

The premise of the core idea for a short animation came from a comment made by one of the client's team during an idea brainstorming meeting we had with them. 

The fact was mentioned that man has been sitting in front of fire for a millennium.

We took this simple fact and generated a storyboard idea of a scene; Stone Age man infront of a fire which transforms into the modern version of exactly the same scene featuring, of course, a modern day Woolly Mammoth stove. 

We built the scene entirely in house and animated the elements as well as the camera to bring the whole scene to life.

Video story board creation
3d animation creation
Woollymammoth video
3 D rendering woolly mammoth