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Veuve Clicquot Air Mail Promotion

On Trade Interactive promotion

Veuve Clicquot Air Mail Promotion

aeroplane promotional tent card front

aeroplane promotional tent card back

airmail veuve clicquot postbox

veuve clicquot promotional bottle and postcard rack

promotional postcard pack and royal mail VCP stamps

The Veuve Clicquot Airmail Gift pack was the inspiration behind this on-trade by-the-bottle promotion - created to promote increased bottle sales volume in bars and restaurants. 

Paper aeroplane shaped tent cards promoted the activity in outlet along with high visibility, specially designed and produced Airmail postcard racks and US style postboxes.

When ordering a bottle, consumers were rewarded with a rack delivered to their table, containing their bottle, flute glasses and a set of postcards, including special edition Royal Mail stamps.

We worked with Royal Mail to create these unique Veuve Clicquot first class stamps.

Consumers were encouraged to write a postcard to a friend, and post it into the Mailbox on the bar front.


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