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Vaulty Manor

Wedding Venue Brochure

Vaulty Manor

Vaulty Manor is an exclusive wedding venue that can accommodate up to 60 of your guests, which is unique in their area.

New ownership led to a request to evolve their existing logo identity and create a range of literature and other promotional materials to re-launch their venue to their target market.

Renovation of their historical Manor House within their grounds completes their package for weddings, Hen Paries and corporate events.

The exclusive interiors of the Manor House were the inspiration behind the new identity development - luxurious textures and an elegant mix of heritage features and modern clean styling.


Vaulty Manor Vaulty Manor

The square format fits perfectly with the square format logo identity and an uncluttered and elegant layout allows the photography to shine and retains a modern balance to some of the historical building features.

High quality uncoated paper was chosen to retain the tactile nature of the venue and their identity, with subtle additions of gold foil blocking on the covers to add a luxurious touch. 

Vaulty Manor





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