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United Molasses Website

Website redesign – migrating from ExpressionEngine to Craft CMS

Unitedmolasses craftcms website development and design
Craft cms author experience

Developed in Craft CMS, we wanted to create an intuitive experience for the client's website authors to view their content structure, and so used Craft's powerful structure section type to allow nested entries. This can make organisation and maintaining content easier and faster and the client has a tangible understanding of content location.

Website content has been streamlined for mobile views to suit the smaller screen space format and also takes advantage of Craft's assets transforms to serve suitable image sizes for the mobile experience.

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Resposnive website design unitedmolasses
Unitedmolasses product data website 1

Product Photography
United Molasses asked us to create bespoke photography for their Molasses products, this involved a day's shoot in the studio experimenting with the varying viscosities and creating suitable lighting to maximise the silk texture of the pour, and capture the deep rich colour of Molasses.

Imagery was then used to visually represent products to make identification easier for the website user.

Molasses photography
Molasses lighting photography