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Farleigh Hospice

Brand Identity Development

Farleigh hospice branding
Poster design farleigh hospice

Farleigh Hospice came to us seeking a new identity as their existing one was misidentified in research as HMRC or a Jail! By working closely with employees and volunteers at Farleigh Hospice, we ran internal focus groups, and conducted external local research to gain clear insight into Farleighs need for the re-brand, which led to a strategic plan for the development of their new identity. The results were so successful that they won Best Branding at the Third Sector charity sector annual awards. 

Full Brand Guidelines were created for internal and external use, and support was given throughout the initial period to allow their internal teams to effectively 'police' all new assets created, to ensure consistent use of the the new brand.

Farleigh hospice brand guidelines cover
Brand guide farleigh hospice design
Farleigh hospice brand design guide
Award winning brand design essex

The award-winning new identity was rolled out to cover everything from Annual Reviews, Fundraising materials, vehicle branding, Hospice signage and a wide range of sub-brands including identities for their Hospice Lottery, Will Legacy and In Memory programmes.

Bus design farleigh hospice

Farleigh Radio Script

Farleigh Hospice needed to ask people when writing a will to leave a donation as a 'good will gesture'.

The medium for this activity was both printed collateral and co-ordinated with a radio ad campaign. We came up with the ad script idea of a 'Good Will Gesture' and used examples of other less favourable gestures!

Listen to the ad Here

Farleigh radio script