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W3 Design Agency, Kelvedon Essex

Cloudy Bay Bar

Royal Albert Hall

Royal albert hall cloudy bay

The Cloudy Bay Wine Bar is the first bespoke bar in the UK launched by this renowned winery. W3 were commissioned to design, build and install in this iconic Grade 1 listed venue.

Sketch cloudy bay bar design rha
3d render custom bar cloudy bay rha
Cloudy bay rha bar
Cloudy bar bespoke rha
Furniture branding rha

Working within the technical restrictions of this historic Grade One Star Listed building, we designed and built The Cloudy Bay Wine and Seafood Bar. 

It has been hailed as worldwide best practice across the Moët Hennessy global group.

Cloudy bay bar install

Hand-painted Cloudy Bay hills to the curved outer walls and bar front and clean soft white colouring evokes this luxury wine brand carrying the standard for Sauvignon Blanc.

Cloudy bay bar branding rha 1
Bar design cloudybay
Custom design bar rha