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Beronia Txoko Promotion

Gastronomic Club identity creation

Beronia Txoko Promotion

Txoko logo and descriptor

Txoko food sticks

Txoko wine glass tags

txoko ipad recipe page 1

txoko ipad recipe 2

A traditional Txoko is a gastronomic society in Northern Spain where friends gather to cook, drink and occasionally burst into song. Beronia have created a Txoko club, bringing people together for good food and fine Beronia wine, sharing authentic ‘pintxo’ recipes, delicious Rioja pairings and hosting Beronia Txoko events up and down the country. 

W3 created the brand identity, photography and POS for events and exhibitions, along with blogger recipe templates. 

Txoko's are traditionally made up only of men, so a branded moustaches concept was developed as a fun way of branding food and wine glasses, driving social media image creation at every event to help spread the word.


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